Friday, April 2, 2010

Angel 1 (Season1 - Episode 14) Star Trek TNG

So it is absolutely clear that the universe Start Trek TNG takes place within is not perfect. However amongst the humans several social ills have already been cured. This is precisely what makes some of these episodes when the Enterprise comes into contact with races that very specific social dynamics interesting, because that direct contrast makes those conflicts or cultural practices obviously problematic. All that being said, enjoy the trailer for a moment so that you can refresh your memory, about what "Angel One" was about!

Now, I'm not gonna lie, I love a good story about Women prevailing...because I'm biased! My ovaries are warriors, as they should be ;-) But inherently I was raised to believe that men and women are equal and realistically this makes far more sense than either men or women having a higher place in society, regardless of being raised a Baha'i!

In other stories that utilize the manifestation of a male power I often notice that the female characters are either forced to be "beautiful," "meek," "servants," or whatever and those female characters are either non-the-wiser, resentful, or just complacent. However in this episode where all of the men are the second class citizens, the men seem beyond complacent - they seem joyful! Especially excited to be used as sex-objects. --->surprised? interesting observation if nothing less.

Meanwhile, I love how that does not go un-noted by Deanna & Tasha, in fact I am mighty entertained by the hard time that these ladies give Riker when he puts on that sexy number to impress/appease the local "Elected One" (aka: woman in power).

I also think that this is the first episode that Geordi gets to hold a real position of power, as "Acting Captain" while the captain is ill, and the Riker is on Angel One. This episode is a double whammy for the two most oppressed minorities in Western culture. Yay!

I also love that even within the secondary story, ultimately it is a leading Woman who saves the day! If it weren't for our favorite Dr Beverly Crusher - the crew of the Enterprise would be SCREWED! She found the cure for the mysterious virus that was floating around the ship!

Finest quote of the episode!
"It, kinda...just...happened!" Wesley Crusher
Context: it's more fun to make you wonder!

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Now all that being said....WOMEN RULE AND BOYS DRULE!!! Just kidding! Equal! We're all equal :)


I accidentally found the episode dubbed in German! I am so entertained that I thought I'd share this with the world! THE BEST PART is about 2min 30sec in, the German voice for Wesley is AMAZING!!!!


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  1. Hey it's Mackenzie and first of all THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA FOR A BLOG! Second of all, Data is one of the most compelling/fun characters in the show, possibly even one of the best conceived characters of all the ST incarnations. "Possibly" being the operative word since pretty much everyone on DS9 would have to be considered. And Janeway. And Spock. And, okay, every other character in every other series.

    Anyway, thanks to the endless specificity conjured by the interblag, I have been introduced to a delightful document called, "Star Trek: The Next Generation Drinking Game" which can be appreciated by all Trekkies (drinking and non-drinking alike) because it captures the essence of the show in a hilariously reductionist way. Hope you like it!!