Saturday, April 3, 2010


So apparently not even Trekkies have exalted themselves above silly drinking games. Now despite my lack of ever having drunken alcohol for any reason, nor do I plan to. I can still appreciate the humor built into this game. I suggest for those of you Baha'is, Muslims, former alcholics, and friends that just think beer smells like rubber bands + urine (like I do - sorry drinkers, it's true)...maybe choose to play this game with an energy drink or play it in a group for points, whomever calls it first and racks up the most points gets something special from the group (say a group hug...or thier dinners covered by the group, whatever).

SPECIAL THANKS to Mackenzie (mysterious commenter) for sharing the game with me! Keep reading the blog Mackenzie! I'm so glad you actually commented directly on the blog...most people email me (PUNKS!). Keep it public friends! It's all love here!

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Hey Folks,
It has long been said that college students will take any and every
opportunity to drink, regardless of the circumstances. It's true... we will.
And we also manage to make it fun... So the next time you're watching Star
Trek, pull this out and drink per each successfully met condition. Guaranteed
to get you LOADED. Have a good week.
Greg Williams



(To be played while watching the show.)

Have one sip of beer per successfully met condition

'Open hailing frequencies'
'Medical emergency'
'Belay that order'
'Hell','Damn' and other swearing. See Rikers special swearing

'Make it so'
'Come' - two if said in personal quarters
'Captain's log' - two if supplemental
'Number One'

'Grrrrr' ( A simple sneer qualifies)


-Riker swears - two drinks; three if it's 'hell'; whole beer if he asks 'what the hell is going on'
-Riker walks forward as if he's trying to knock an imaginary door down with his forehead.
-A female character has flawless makeup after she's been through the ringer.
-Picard straightens his uniform
-Data's innards are revealed
-Data uses his strength
-Data is cut off mid sentence - two drinks if it's a list of synonyms.
-Data gripes about his inability to perceive human emotion
-Geordie's visor is taken or knocked off
-Georgie gets bitched out for faulty engine, warp drive, etc.
-Beverly can't figure out some bizarre medical problem
-Deanna senses something really shocking
-Deanna gives us Betazoid insight into something really obvious
-O'Brien has a line (this gets brutal after the third season - weak drinkers may pass)
-A crew member drinks - two if it's Picard; three if it's Picard drinking tea; four if the tea is identified as Earl Grey.
-A bridge officer is shown in casual clothes (one drink per scene, per officer) = two drinks if it's Beverly in a sweater; two drinks if it's Picard in his chest revealing bedwear.
-A bridge officer appears in dress uniform (one drink per scene, per officer)
-Every time somebody is addressed by his or her first name - two if there's some kind of sexual tension going on.
-Every time they use transporter room three.
-A shuttle craft seems like an unsafe place to be.
-Somebody reads a book.
-Somebody preaches the Prime Directive - two if it's NOT Picard
-Somebody preaches about Humanity's Unique Potential
-Picard has an accident or is attacked - two drink; three if it draws blood
-Picard is possessed - four drinks
-An 'old earth saying' is brought up - two if Data has to have it explained to him.
-Patrick Stewart tries to speak French
-Wesley talks back to his Mom.
-Somebody implies that Ten Forward is a Happening Place
-They fade for an advertisement playing the 'ominous horns'
-Klingon is spoken - two drinks per scene in which Klingons are alone and have no obvious reason to speak English but do anyway.
-Each scene in which a nifty new Romulan ship is shown
-There's a token alien in the background with no lines - two if it's a Vulcan.
-Yellow Alert - one drink
-Red Alert - two drinks
-Intruder Alert - three drinks
-Another Captain or Star Fleet Command officer is on screen.
-There's a countdown
-Every time a bridge command is handed over
-The Enterprise crew avoids a confrontation instead of blasting away.
-Each scene in which the Enterprise actually fights (shots must be fired) - two drinks.
-Whole beer whenever the saucer section separates.
-They contact somebody on the communicator/intercom without going to a panel or touching anything.
-A communicator isn't working or is blocked - two if it's out of range.
-New Trek contradicts a fact from Old Trek (Unfortunately, players may be too drunk to adjudicate this rule)



  1. I would be really drunk or have a heck of a sugar rush after this

  2. Wow! I'm a post! If you like absurd Trek-related internet creations, I have a few more.

    This one made me and my friends literally weep with laughter:

  3. @Precise - yeah, totally! I'd be tanked in about 10min because I'm certain I'm a SUPER light weight having never drunken b4 and being as pint-sized as I am!

    @Mckenzie - the drinking game was too funny not to share! I also was so delighted to have a mystery commenter! If you're in Chicagoland, you should totally come say hello at one of the events I produce! I'd be delighted!